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House renovations and remodeling always cost less than building an entirely new home. So, if your living lifestyle has changed or if you wish to enhance the appeal and value of your home in Highett, house renovation is the answer.

We, at The Building Pro Group, have a major experience of renovating a wide range of buildings, including, brand new houses, or contemporary and rustic houses and have the entire knowledge to make your dream house renovation in Highett come into reality. We have the thorough understanding and know-how to ensure that your home meets comfort along with functionality and adds value to your property.

Experts House Extensions & Renovation Builder Highett
House Extensions & Renovation Builder Highett

The Building Pro Group Procedure For House Renovations

  • Stage 1 – Briefing
    The first step we follow before commencing any house renovation process is to understand what exactly you want to achieve from the renovation project. Our approach is to listen to your requirements carefully, ask questions to understand what is important to you and why.
  • Stage 2 – Feasibility
    This step involves translating your requirements into an architectural concept and check with the feasibility of what you wanted to build. We will evaluate and analyse your project to identify the constraints, risks and explore different ideas to assess the project’s feasibility.
  • Stage 3 – Drawings and Costing
    Based on your concept plans, the detailed decisions on your project cost and the contract will be made based on the specifications of the project. It will also take into account, engineering, designing and some aesthetic decisions.
  • Stage 4 – Build
    Our architects and project team will start with the renovating job and schedule the activities. Renovating is a multi-layered job, therefore, a constant supervision is needed at each stage to ensure work quality. With our end-to-end renovation process, you can be assured to receive a hassle-free service.
  • Stage 5 – The Finished Home
    The final stage is the completion of the project and here you need to make sure that you have all the necessary compliance documents and the entire legal process is complete. Thus, your renovation process is complete.

Why Should You Choose Our Reputable Builders?

  • Major Experience – We have years of experience in working with different homes and properties and thus, we can help you with finding out the most feasible and attractive options for your house renovation in Highett.
  • Quality – We are highly reputable in the industry and therefore, cater to provide you with the best workmanship. We only source materials from leading suppliers that meet all the Australian standards and requirements.
  • Reliable Designers – With excellent qualifications and knowledge, our designers and architects are capable of providing you with services and designs that are second to none.
  • Value For Money – We understand the investment you put in renovating your homes, therefore, with us; you can rest assured that you will receive the best value services.

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