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House extensions and renovation projects are long-term investments and therefore, it is extremely important to choose somebody whom you can trust with one of the most important and expensive investments of your lives.

We, at The Building Pro Group, have been involved with a number of house extensions in Highett. There are a number of challenges you face when you re-design your homes from the concept design to the planning and final construction. But, our team at The Building Pro Group will guide you through all the challenges and opportunities, making sure that you achieve a dream home just like you wanted it. House extensions in Highett consist of two major aspects; designing and building.

House Extensions & Renovation Builder Highett
Experts House Extensions & Renovation Builder Highett

Phase 1 – Designing Stage

  • Briefs – Consult us and we will ask you some important questions about your plans and requirements. We can also come to your place to have a clear idea about the construction of your home and to assess its potential.
  • Sketching and Costing – After understanding your requirements, we will sketch a layout of the extension plan and also provide you with the costing. If you are not sure about what to choose, our team of architects and custom home builders will suggest a suitable house extension design for you.
  • Detailed Designing – At this stage, we will provide you with all the detailed specifications of the house extension. At the end of this process, you are supposed to tell us if you want to proceed or not. If your answer is positive, we will go ahead with the process by taking a certain amount of deposit and issue you the detailed drawing.

Phase 2 – Building Stage

  • Architecture and on-site construction – Once we have signed the contract, we immediately get to work. We do all the planning, project management and material sourcing before we actually start the work on the site.
  • Project Management on the Site – A house extension in Highett involves a lot of drainage and foundation alterations along with major demolition work. A standard house extension in Highett requires about 8-10 weeks to complete. But, our team will inform and confirm you with the timings priory to avoid any last-minute hassle.
  • Project Completion and Signoff – We complete the project, clean your property thoroughly and hand-over your new home to you. After the finished project is completely inspected, the issue of certification of compliance takes place.

Live In a Space You Have Always Wanted!

Our custom house extensions in Highett will reflect your desires, requirements and lifestyle, just how you wanted it. We deliver house extensions in Highett that provide unmatched value and appeal to your home, catering your budget. So, whatever your extension needs are, talk to us today at 1300 97 97 69, and we will make sure to deliver you exactly what you have been dreaming of – A complete house transformation.

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