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    Design Your House Extensions with Us in Hampton

    Every family has their own set of needs while carrying out house extensions. Our experienced team of The Building Pro Group takes individual family’s consideration for their house extensions in Hampton. This lets us deliver unique extension solutions that exactly complement with the rest part of their home.

    Our Team of Specialised House Extension Designers

    We have a team that is capable of delivering nothing less than stunning house extension projects. Our expert design consultants will first meet you to personally discuss your needs related to your home extension. Based on that, the concept and design process will be initiated so that your every need is met with thoroughly.

    During the entire process of house extensions in Hampton, we will work closely with you to ensure that your specifications are followed exactly. Our team understands that extensions are not just to enhance the visual appeal of your home; they are carried out with some definite purpose like growing families and lack of space. We make sure that the additions that you are planning for your home are structurally sound.

    We take pride in our team who help you turn your extension plans into a reality. We listen to you patiently and provide our own inputs to make your plans even better. In addition, we will even suggest you with other innovative ideas that you can consider for your extension plan.

    When we get every detail like the budget that we are supposed to work with, the site details collected by making a visit, the applicable rules and regulations, your criteria and the feasibility of the project, we go ahead with designing your house extension plan.

    house renovation Brighton
    house renovation Brighton

    Our House Extension Process

    The process of house extension concept and design is a very collaborative one as multiple people work here, including designer, architects and the building team. We put our best efforts in a way that the end result makes you happy and make our team proud.

    There are basically three key stages that we follow while carrying out house extensions in Hampton:

    • Concept stage
    • Home design
    • Home construction and extension

    Our house extension solutions are:

    1. Custom designed as per your specifications
    2. Environmentally sustainable
    3. Energy-efficient
    4. Time and money saving

    Why Choose Us For Your House Extension?

    • Unrivalled Expertise – With years of experience in delivering successful house extension projects, our team is well-versed in undertaking any type of extension projects – from simple to complex.
    • Local Experience – We have an extensive local experience which further assists us in planning and following local building practices.
    • One-stop Service – For the complete house extension work, look no further than our team as we provide comprehensive service, all under one roof.
    • Innovative Designs – Our team is skilled and passionate about creating innovative designs that not only provide you with productive additionsbut also adds to the visual appeal of your home.
    • Customer Satisfaction – We strive to see your happy faces by delivering you with nothing but the best in terms of our stunning house extension solutions.

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    If you are looking forward to house extensions in Hampton, our service is just a call away. Contact us at 1300 97 97 69 to avail an initial consultation regarding your extension plans.

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