The Building Pro Group understand the commitment involved in building a home.

It is so much more than just a development it is an emotional and financial investment.

Our services encompass everything your custom built home will need.

We specialize in:

Custom Home Builders Hampton

When building your home we consider the importance of each dwellings specific purpose.

  • Is it a family home?
  • Is it an investment property that needs to be suitable for rent?
  • Is it a property for sale only?
  • Is it a dual occupancy property?

We are dedicated to understanding what the driving force is behind your intention to build.

We are a locally owned business in the Bayside area and care about our clients and are committed to handing over our properties with a guaranteed warranty.

The Building Pro Group provide their clients with a personalised one on one relationship with our head builder and owner to ensure that you are kept apprised weekly of the progress being made as well as sight inspections to ensure full transparency and piece of mind.

Let's Build Your Dream Home Together

We'd Love To Discuss Your Upcoming Project!

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